You sound really good, but can you sing?

So I can sing, that’s what people tell me, and I think I’ve gotten to the point where I can kinda agree with them lol I’m still skeptical. But I am all about R&B. That is by far my favorite style of music. This particular post is about Drake. I am a HUGE Drake fan and one thing people were saying was that Drake can’t sing. Now…..of course I defended his honor when I heard this. How could anyone possibly believe this? So today, which was a few months after the original accusation, I got to thinking about Drake’s singing. I was listening to a Drake song, singing along and I got to thinking that something was missing: soul. In my opinion, Drake doesn’t sing with any soul, any feeling. Yes, his songs are swoony and they make any girl fall in love with them but that’s only because of what he says and how good it sounds. But truth be told I can’t think of one song where Drake was singing where he sung it with some soul. Take Trey Songz for instance. Yes, he whines in a lot of his songs lol but he sings every song with soul and lots of feeling. I was talking to my girlfriend about this Drake fiasco lol and her being a musician, she gave me the perfect word to describe his singing: thin. That’s exactly what it is, he sings very thin. There’s nothing behind it. Now I’m not knocking Drake; I’m still one of his biggest fans. But me being all about R&B, I can’t place his singing in the best R&B category. I can feel all types of emotion emanating from his raps and his flow so I guess we can name his center genre: Hip Hop. The real R&B songs are sung with feeling and emotion. Just saying.