"Why everything that's supposed to be bad make me feel so good?"

I’ve becoming addicted to sooo many shows this summer. Haha The Office, Weeds, Entourage, Heroes, and The Wire. Now Heroes (NBC) and The Wire (HBO) are both off the air but I recommend you watch these shows…If you’re into some good action these shows are for you! Heroes was 4 seasons and The Wire was 5. Now The Office is returning for it’s 7th season on NBC this fall at 9:00 Eastern on Sept. 23rd! The cast of this show is absolutely amazing, if you want to be faithful to a TV show, this is the one. Entourage is another show my uncle has me addicted to lol. This is also an HBO show. It has already had six seasons and the seventh one premiered on June 27th. This is a nice mature show to get into haha. The life of these boys and their movie star/agent lives is very intriguing. Now last, but not least: Weeds. I was very confused at first as to how successful and good this show could be considering it starts with a story about a mom who sells weed to make her living. But five seasons later, I was HOOKED on this show. The twists and turns keep you watching episode after episode. The sixth season premiered on August 16th on Showtime. So if you’re like me and you need some good TV shows to watch these are 5 golden ones to get into! Now I’m off to Dexter, my latest suggestion from a friend :D