Traphouse Rock (Download Link, Tracklist & Album Cover)

Please, if you respect and love good music, click the link below to download Kids These Days’ debut album, Traphouse Rock. I just listened for the first time and I’m speechless. It’s amazing. I’m so proud of them. It’s weird because I used to see these kids in the hallways of Whitney Young in Chicago and I never guessed they would become as great as they are. Download the album and share it with your family and friends. Respect the truth that is…Kids These Days. Enjoy. Download.

01. (Intro) mental
02. Freakwhensees
04. Doo-Wah
05. Don’t Harsh My Mellow
06. Talk 2 You
07. Everybody Needs Somebody
08. Don’t Fall In Love
09. Bud Billiken
10. Don’t Blame Me (For You)
11. Wasting Time
12. Aint Got Love
13. Who Do U-Luv
14. L’Afrique
15. A Man’s Medley