Jay Z Has Made A SERIOUS Business Move

Jay Z recently acquired Swedish tech company Aspiro for $56 million dollars, making him the owner of Tidal, a high-tech music streaming service. I thought nothing of this acquisition when I heard of it earlier this month, but now I am truly beginning to understand just how serious this was. Many artists are on record stating they're not big fans of Spotify and how the money barely trickles down to them at all (Spotify would be one of Tidal's biggest competitors). Taylor Swift entered into headlines as one of these artists when she pulled her entire catalog from Spotify. Well, guess where you can find Taylor Swift's entire catalog? That's right, on Tidal. This could mark big things for the music industry. Think about it: Jay Z and Beyoncé alone are known to do some interesting things as far as album releases (i.e. Magna Carta Holy Grail's Samsung release and BEYONCÉ's surprise release). Imagine if they release new albums and stream them exclusively on Tidal. Game changer. Tidal HiFi is $19.99/month with Tidal Premium running at $9.99/month compared to Spotify's cheapest price point of $5/month so Tidal doesn't hold a complete advantage over Spotify. But, the potential of artists possibly having more control over the system of music streaming is a big deal. Tidal officially launches tomorrow afternoon. If you stand with Tidal, take Kanye's advice below. Enjoy.