Tha Carter IV

Now I don’t usually rant about many things on my blog; I try not to. But Tha Carter IV just sold 964,000 copies in one week….and I am furious. You can consider this my review of the album, I guess lol. This is not a biased opinion; I’m not just shooting off at the mouth because it outsold Watch The Throne. I’m shooting off at the mouth because it sold period. What is wrong with people today where an album that leaked four days before its release still sold almost a million copies in the first week? This wouldn’t be a problem if the album was good, I’d be like “Ok it deserved that”. But the album was garbage. Lil Wayne is great with words, he’s good at wordplay; he can really throw down a metaphor. But when those metaphors don’t mean anything or have nothing to do with the song, what’s the point? That was most of Tha Carter IV for me. Wayne is good at putting words together but his subject matter is whack. I mean what does he really rap about?! People defend him, saying he’s so lyrical and he’s the best rapper alive, but all he does is say a lot of clever things that have nothing to do with his songs. A bunch of random rap lyrics. Now out of the 19 track album, I liked 5: “6 Foot 7 Foot”, “She Will”, “How To Love”, “I’m Good”, and “John”. Production was decent on the album, but it did not deserve 964,000. Whether Baby bought half those numbers or not, it didn’t deserve that. It deserved about 250,000-300,000. That’s all. To be honest, I hope Baby bought half of those numbers, because of people actually bought this album like that? We’re all doomed. No way in hell did this album deserve to get close to the 1.01 or so million Tha Carter III reached in the first week. THAT was a masterpiece. This was an album with a bunch of tracks that sounded the same that was thrown together and hyped to be the greatest album of the year….Bull. I think I got most of this off my chest. Hate me if you want but I can post my opinion on my blog, that’s how it works. Tha Carter IV still sucks no matter how much it sold. I hope Lil wayne retires soon and I’ll keep banging Tha Carter III in the whip. Enjoy.