Willow Smith- "Why Don't You Cry" (Music Video)

Willow Smith is an exceptional artist for her age. The 14-year old songstress has been delivering passionate tracks for a while now and she has now released the music video for her song "Why Don't You Cry." The visuals feature Duane Martin and Nicole Parker playing her parents as an emotional Willow bares it all on the track. Check it out above.



Willow Smith is an amazing talent. For someone so young, she has exhibited very impressive vocal and songwriting abilities. And her work ethic is unquestionable. She has released another song with Crystal Mec called "WEEPINGWILOUGH/LETSGOTOMECCA." It is beautifully written and I look forward to more releases from her. Enjoy.


Jaden Smith- "Blue Ocean V19 (feat. Willow Smith)" x "Trophy V6" x "Melancholy" x "Fast"

Jaden Smith has been on a roll as of late as he's released many new songs over the past week. His song "Blue Ocean V19" covers Justin Timberlake's "Blue Ocean Floor" and it may be the best song I've heard from him yet. It also features his sister, Willow, who has a beautiful voice. He's also released "Trophy V6," "Fast," (which comes with a video) and "Melancholy." It's also worth noting that "Trophy V6" features a classic 9th Wonder beat. Check it all out above and hopefully his next project, Cool Tape, Vol. 2 drops soon. Enjoy.


"5 (feat. Jaden Smith)"- Willow Smith

Willow Smith dropped off a track with her brother Jaden called “5” and it’s actually pretty dope. This is not at all what I expected haha. It’s an impressive offering from the Smith kids, as it shows Willow incorporating a different sound from what we’ve heard from her and Jaden sounding more confident as a rapper. Enjoy.