40 Sheds Some Light on 'Views From The 6'

Noah "40" Shebib, Drake's longtime friend and producer, sat down with The New York Times last week to discuss Drake's upcoming album—Views From the 6. Check out the interview here and read a portion of it below.

“It’s going to be what everybody expects and wants from Drake and from us,” Mr. Shebib said. “A lot of introspection, very vivid. He’s discovering new flows, new cadences, new patterns.” As for the music, “I’m trying to find ways to pull more untraditional sounds in, to push the boundaries a little further.” The overall approach may be the same as the one that the duo has finely honed, but still, Mr. Shebib said, “Something about it should be special.”


Drake's "Summer Sixteen" vs. Meek Mill's "War Pain"

Drake released the first single from VIews From The 6 this past Saturday. "Summer Sixteen" takes a few more shots at Meek Mill and even features some shots at Tory Lanez. The peculiar thing, however, is that Meek Mill released a response diss, "War Pain," 15 minutes later. How would Meek have known what Drake was going to say? Did Drake send him the song ahead of time. There's no way Meek just wrote and recorded a quick response because he was at a Sixers game when it dropped. Something's going on here, but this round brought us a lot. Apparently, Drake checked into the same hotel as Meek when he was in Toronto and played "Back To Back" through the floor above Meek's room...This beef will never end lol. Gotta give this round to Meek though. Check out "Summer Sixteen" here and listen to "War Pain" below.


Drake- "6 God" x "Heat Of The Moment" x "How Bout Now"

After a new song from Drake leaked earlier in the week, Drake has responded by releasing three new tracks saying:

The first track, "6 God," features Drake returning to the aggressive rapping he did on "Worst Behavior." He's incorporated different flows and seems to be directing it at someone in particular. This song will be playing in clubs and parties for the next few months guaranteed. "Heat Of The Moment" is a complete R&B track and Drake killed it. It's a great song, musically and lyrically. Vocally, he sounds pretty good and sounds like he's way more comfortable with his voice as he attempts some notes I've never heard him go for. "How Bout Now" is the track that leaked earlier in the week so it's the exact same song. It makes me wonder if the hackers got more than just this song and if this will be a problem in the future. We'll see. All in all, i think Views From the 6 is going to be a great album. Honestly, Drake hasn't missed in a long time so hopefully he keeps this momentum. Download and stream the songs above and enjoy.


Drake- "How About Now"

So, a new song from Drake has appeared online; I'm not sure if this was a throwaway from Nothing Was The Same or if this is a leaked track from his upcoming album, Views From The 6. Either way, Drake pretty much stayed in his lane here: talking about a girl that rejected him and how he's stunting now. But that doesn't mean it's not good; it's just familiar. The beat is amazing as it samples Jodeci's "My Heart Belongs To You" and Drake delivers some nice verses. Stay tuned  for more on this upcoming album. Enjoy.


Drake Announces Next Album Title

Drake has been pretty busy in the past few months. Whether he was releasing songs like “Draft Day,” “Days In The East,” and “0 to 100/The Catch Up” or promoting new music from his OVO Sound label artists, he surely hasn’t slowed down since releasing Nothing Was The Same. Well, he has now announced that his fourth studio album will be called Views From The 6. He mentioned on “The Catch Up” that he would be dropping an album Spring 2015 so now we’ve got another piece to the puzzle. Stay tuned and enjoy.