Kanye West (The Breakfast Club Interview)

The last time Kanye West joined The Breakfast Club for an interview, Charlemagne had crowned him "Donkey of the Day," an award people are not usually pleased to receive on the show and they had an interesting conversation about Kanye's struggles with breaking into the fashion industry. Kanye was charged up after that interview, which inevitably led to the infamous "YOU AIN'T GOT THE ANSWERS, SWAY!" interview he had with Sway later that day.

Well, now Kanye's back on The Breakfast Club and had a much less confrontational interview with DJ Envy, Charlemagne Tha God, and Angela Yee. He's coming off a great week where he debuted new music, clothes, and shoes all at New York Fashion Week, so he's naturally feeling pretty good. Kanye delivered a great interview full of many quotables, information, and more. The particular part that has people talking is when he threw some heavy shade at his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose. But, I'll let you check that out yourself. Enjoy.


Wale (The Breakfast Club Interview) [MUST-SEE]

If you've been following hip-hop for a while you know the story of Wale. Wale released a few wonderful mixtapes before he released his debut album, Attention Deficit. In my opinion, the album was great, but the numbers didn't reflect that. His buzz began to die and then next thing you know, a couple years later, he was signed to Rick Ross' MMG label and he dropped Ambition. Since then, he's dropped a few mixtapes and another album, The Gifted. Now, if you ask me, Wale is an amazing artist. He's introspective, his gift for spoken word is outstanding, he has a great message, and he just represents a lot of what I want from hip-hop.

But, people keep saying they want the old introspective Wale, that he's lost it, and that he's not the same. I think we all, me included, sometimes forget to realize that artists take this stuff to heart. Some of them are ignorant, but a lot of them aren't. Wale absolutely represents the latter. This interview he did on The Breakfast Club really put things in perspective for me: Wale is frustrated. He's been putting out good music, music that means a lot to him and it should to us, honestly. But, he's witnessing his music go unappreciated and other more popular artists see their music top the charts (and I mean popular in the most quintessential definition of the word). He doesn't understand why and I really don't either. What is wrong with the industry today?

Now I understand The Breakfast Club interviews are long, but if you have a love for hip-hop, I urge you to watch this interview. I think it's important today. The fact that Wale cares so much means that there's hope for hip-hop and how could I not post it? I believe in Wale and I admit I briefly lost faith, but I think The Album About Nothing is going to be phenomenal. I believe and I want you all to believe as well. Enjoy.


Childish Gambino (Breakfast Club Interview)

Childish Gambino appeared on The Breakfast Club for an interview and it was remarkably intriguing. He came on to talk about his upcoming mixtape, STN MTN / KAUAI, but the focus shifted to a conversation about the social issues black people have been facing lately. It was good to see them have an intelligent discussion about these topics without things getting out of hand. Enjoy.


Kanye West has been doing more interviews than I’ve ever seen him do in the past month. But, besides the Sway interview, I think this is the one that needs to be seen. Kanye stopped by “The Breakfast Club” for an interview and it’s no secret that Charlamagne Tha God thinks Kanye is a “walking contradiction.” Well, in this 42 minute interview Charlamagne challenges Kanye and demands some answers. Check it out above. This is probably the last Kanye interview I’ll post unless it’s REALLY important because I can’t stand to hear Kanye talk about the same things in every interview. Enjoy.


The Breakfast Club in NYC sat down with Kreayshawn for an interview, and I’m kinda feel in’ her now. I’ve only listened to her track “Gucci Gucci” once and I was like “She’s aight”, but after this interview and what Drizzy had to say about her, I’m interested. Got her mixtape downloading right now. Enjoy.

"Naw I didn’t go to college, I went to jail…"