Interview: Kendrick Lamar (NPR & The New York Times)

Kendrick Lamar is receiving a lot of worldwide attention, especially since he is nominated for 11 awards at this year's GRAMMYs behind his critically acclaimed album—To Pimp A Butterfly. He has been doing a lot of press including interviews with NPR and The New York Times. Click the links to check out the revealing interviews.

Were you surprised that the Recording Academy responded so strongly to the scope of your vision, which wasn’t necessarily for these institutions?

I wasn’t surprised. The Grammys have taste. They’ve had taste for a long time. I’m just more excited that they recognize the time and effort put into the project — gathering all these musicians in one place for six months to a year at a time. It is truly appreciated that they can hear the different influences inside the record.

That’s the biggest accomplishment as far as the nominations: that people recognize it as an album. It’s not just a collection [of songs]. We pride ourselves on that. I wanted it to be that body of work again the same way I did with my first record. This time around, I wanted to make sure that not only were the lyrics appreciated or the beats, but the musicianship, as far as my writing skills, my arrangements. That’s me challenging myself.


The Internet & Lianne La Havas (NPR Tiny Desk Concerts)

NPR's "Tiny Desk Concert" series is pretty amazing. They take artists and place them in a small room where they perform a short set for an intimate crowd. It always allows us to appreciate artists that can deliver amazing live performances. In the latest installments, both The Internet and Lianne La Havas perform three songs and they sound great. Check them out above.


Stream Vince Staples Debut Album, 'Summertime '06'

Vince Staples is releasing a double-disc album for his debut project, Summertime '06, a move that could be considered very risky. If you want to see if that risk paid off before buying the album, you can stream it via NPR above. You can also pre-order Summertime '06 below; it will be released on June 30th. Enjoy.

iTunes: Link


Think You Can Differentiate Between Lossless Audio & Normal Audio?

One of the advantages TIDAL's new streaming service holds over the other services like Spotify and Soundcloud is its lossless audio. TIDAL's premium service streams lossless audio at 1000kbps and larger. Comparatively, TIDAL's regular service and Spotify's premium service stream at 320kbps. Other services stream at 128kbps. So you're probably asking yourself, "Is this lossless audio worth it? Is it worth $19.99/month? Could I even tell the difference?" Well, now you can find out. NPR put together a test where you can listen to multiple songs at the three different speeds and test if you can tell the difference. I got 4 out of 6 on my MacBook Pro speakers, but maybe I got lucky lol. Check out the test here and who knows, maybe you'll buy a TIDAL membership. Enjoy.


First Listen: The Weeknd, 'Kiss Land' : NPR

The Weeknd’s “real” debut album, (Trilogy doesn’t count in my eyes), Kiss Land is dropping next Tuesday, September 10th. Well, for your listening pleasure, the link above contains a stream of the album. This is the perfect opportunity to find out if you should spend your money next week, that’s what I’m gonna figure out haha. Enjoy.

1. Professional
2. The Town
3. Adaptation
4. Love In The Sky
5. Belong To The World
6. Live For (Feat. Drake)
7. Wanderlust
8. Kiss Land
9. Pretty
10. Tears In The Rain

Deluxe Edition:
11. Wanderlust (Pharrell Remix)
12. Odd Look (Kavinsky Feat. The Weeknd)