XXL Freshman Class Roundtable: Part 1 (Kidd Kidd, Tink, Raury & K Camp)

In the first installment of XXL's Freshman Class roundtable discussions, Kidd Kidd, Tink, Raury, and K Camp sit around and talk about the future of hip-hop, their rising fame, and much more. The roundtable discussions are my favorite part of the XXL Freshman Class experience, and they do not disappoint.


XXL Freshman Class Cyphers: Part 1 (Kidd Kidd, K Camp, Tink & Raury)

The first installment of this year's XXL Freshman Class Cyphers has arrived. DJ Drama is once again on the turntables and mixes a different type of beat than what we're used to in these sessions. Kidd Kidd, K Camp, Tink and Raury round out the first cypher and they all bring their own type of flavor to the mic. Check it out above.

My Rating: Raury > Tink > Kidd Kidd & K Camp


XXL Unveils The 2015 Freshman Class

It's that time of year again. XXL has chosen their annual 'Freshman Class.' The class is rounded out by ten individuals this year: Raury, K Camp, Goldlink, Fetty Wap, OG Maco, Dej Loaf, Tink, Shy Glizzy, Vince Staples, and Kidd Kidd. I don't have many complaints this year; this is a well balanced group. Stay tuned for the annual cyphers and roundtable discussions. I look forward to getting to know this crew a little better. Check out the photo shoot below. Enjoy.