Jhené Aiko Covers Bill Withers To Commemorate His Birthday

On July 4th, Bill Withers' celebrated his 77th birthday and Jhené Aiko decided to commemorate the event by covering two of his songs, "Ain't No Sunshine" and "Lovely Day." Check out the thoughtful video above and what Jhené had to say below.

Last month I payed homage to one of my favorite artists of all time; Tupac Shakur. Along with an amazing talk about Tupac’s importance with Rob Markman of MTV, I recreated some of his most iconic pictures. Though people had both negative and positive things to say about my photoshoot, the pictures weren’t taken to garner opinions. They were my way of paying tribute and giving thanks to an artist that continues to inspire me and so many others. (Of course, if you read the article or listened to the interview you already knew that ;) )

We live in a day and age where young people don’t have much patience. No patience to read anything longer than 140 characters. No patience to research. No patience to study the history of the art they want so desperately to be apart of. Not only is there a lack of patience, but a lack of respect. There’s not a lot of respect being shown to the true artists that came before us. Everyone is so hell bent on being THE best that no one is taking the time to honor the individuals who have influenced us.

Well, I’m getting older and I realize that I am just a compilation of all the great creators who came before me. Not only is it my duty, it is my pleasure to show my appreciation.

This month, for his 77th birthday (July 4), I want to pay homage to Bill Withers. Bill Wither’s music has been blessing my ears since I was a baby. I didn’t know it then and not until recently did I understand, that this man is responsible for some of the most beautiful, relatable, heart felt songs ever written. Bill is not only a genius songwriter, but an amazing singer and musician. The more research I do on Bill, the more I love him. Bill didn’t start creating music until he was in his 30’s, proving that there is no limit to what you are capable of. One of the things that inspires me the most about Bill is his attention to lyrics and storytelling. It wasn’t about his image, being flashy or putting on a “show”; it was about the song. No fluff, just pure feeling. It was about connecting. It was about the music. And it is still about the music.

Thank you Bill Withers for being so authentic. You are a true inspiration. Happy Birthday!!


Big Sean- "All Your Fault (feat. Kanye West)" x "I Know (feat. Jhené Aiko)" (Music Videos)

Big Sean decided to treat his fans today by releasing two music videos for songs from his latest album, Dark Sky Paradise. The first video, for "All Your Fault," features Big Sean & Kanye rapping their verses for an energetic crowd in a trip environment. The second video, for "I Know," takes a much more creative approach as it features Sean & Jhené Aiko well into the future. Both videos definitely delivered. Check them out above and enjoy.


Jhené Aiko- "Eternal Sunshine" (Music Video)

Jhené Aiko has revealed the visuals for her track off of Souled Out, "Eternal Sunshine." The visuals take the reflective ballad to another level. it features Aiko reflecting on the car accident she was in with her daughter, daughter's father, and sister back in 2013. She also dedicated the video to her brother who died a few years ago. Check out the meaningful visuals above. Enjoy.


J. Cole Announces Act 2 and 3 of "Forest Hills Drive" Tour

J. Cole has announced the remaining tour dates for his "Forest Hills Drive" tour. Act 2 will take place overseas and feature Jhené Aiko, Pusha T, as well as Bas, Omen, and Cozz. Act 3 will take place in the popular, common US cities and will feature Big Sean, YG, Jeremih, as well as Bas, Omen, and Cozz. Check out the dates above and enjoy.


Top 15 Albums/Mixtapes of 2014

It's that time again. 2014 is nearing its end and so I must deliver my list of the top albums and mixtapes from this past year. Last year, I listed ten projects but I could have done a top ten list of R&B albums alone, so this year I decided to increase the list to 15. I must mention that this list does not signify what 15 projects were the absolute best projects of 2014. This list signifies the top 15 projects, in order, that I enjoyed the most in 2014. These are my favorite albums of 2014.

It's hard to be objective when it comes to music because music means something different to everyone that hears it. I can feel something in an album that someone else may not have gotten and that is why I treat this list the way I do. For example, I chose Chance The Rapper's Acid Rap as my favorite project from 2013. 2013 gave us albums from Drake, J. Cole, Kanye, and so much more. But, I'm a Chicago kid and Chance delivered that album from a perspective with which I could completely relate. It was musically brilliant and conceptually amazing. It was not hard to unequivocally choose Acid Rap as my favorite project last year. This year delivered even more solid albums and so now I give you my list.

1. 2014 Forest Hills Drive- J. Cole

2. Cadillactica- Big K.R.I.T.

3. Turn Blue- The Black Keys

4. Days Before Rodeo- Travi$ Scott

5. Oxymoron- ScHoolboy Q

6. Black Messiah- D'Angelo

7. Tough Love- Jessie Ware

8. Cilvia Demo- Isaiah Rashad

9. G  I  R  L- Pharrell Williams

10. Souled Out- Jhené Aiko

11. X- Chris Brown

12. In the Lonely Hour- Sam Smith

13. LP1- FKA twigs

14. The London Sessions- Mary J. Blige

15. Nobody's Smiling- Common

Honorable Mentions: Trigga- Trey Songz, Run The Jewels 2- Run the Jewels, Faces- Mac Miller, Z- SZA

Oh! Shout out to Childish Gambino's Because The Internet. It dropped shortly before I made last year's list and didn't make the cut because I hadn't had the time to truly appreciate it. But it deserved to make the list.



Jhené Aiko- "Wading" (Music Video)

Jhené Aiko has revealed the visuals for her song "Wading" off of her latest release, Souled Out. The video is a bit confusing as there is so much going on that I am not really sure what the plot is. It seems disconnected from the song itself. Don't sleep on this album though; it's pretty great. Enjoy.


Jhené Aiko- "Enter The Void" Tour

Jhené Aiko has announced her headlining "Enter The Void" Tour and it will feature SZA and The Internet. Only one date has been announced so far but stay tuned and keep checking the 'Tour Dates' tab for updates. Enjoy.

12/12- Los Angeles, CA- Club Nokia

UPDATE: Jhené Aiko has updated the tour dates for her "Enter The Void" Tour with SZA and The Internet. Check out the dates below.



Childish Gambino- "Telegraph Ave ("Oakland" by Lloyd)" (Music Video)

Childish Gambino has revealed the visuals for his song, "Telegraph Ave ("Oakland" by Lloyd)." The video features the lovely Jhené Aiko starring as 'Bino's boo haha. The video is pretty awesome even though it doesn't really have much to do with the song. Then there's the ending....well I'll let you figure that out. Check it out above and enjoy.


Jhené Aiko- Souled Out (Tracklist)

Jhené Aiko has revealed the tracklist for her upcoming album, Souled Out, and it is surprisingly lacking of features. Cocaine 80s is the sole feature on the first album single, “To Love & Die.” This is interesting because Jhené is really going to need her vocals to carry this album with no features to help her out. Seeing as how her entire catalog up to this point consists of about 5 notes, I’m a little skeptical, but I sincerely hope for the best lol. Enjoy.

1. Brave
2. To Love & Die (Feat. Cocaine 80s)
3. Beautiful Ruin
4. It’s Cool
5. Lyin King
6. Wading
7. The Pressure
8. Eternal Sunshine
9. Limbo Limbo Limbo
10. Promises
11. W.A.Y.S
12. Pretty Bird


"To Love and Die (feat. Cocaine 80s)- Jhené Aiko

Jhené Aiko has revealed the first single from her upcoming album, Souled Out. The song, “To Love and Die,” features Cocaine 80s and it’s amazing. It’s better than most of the songs on Sailing Soul(s) and Sail Out, in my opinion. Vocally, I think she took some chances and it paid off. If her entire album sounds like this, I’ll be very excited. Enjoy.


(UPDATE) Albums To Anticipate In 2014

UPDATE: Ross announced his release date, Jhené Aiko announced the month for Souled Out, and Common announced his No I.D.-produced album title. 

I made this list for last year and it went over well so let’s do it again! There honestly is a lot less to anticipate this year since last year’s musical output was so amazing, but the game is full of surprises, so I don’t count anyone out. Enjoy.


02/25- ScHoolboy Q- Oxymoron


03/04- Rick Ross- Mastermind


Jhené Aiko- Souled Out


Isaiah Rashad- TBA & Cilvia

Common- Nobody’s Smiling

Joey Bada$$- B4.Da.$$

Lupe Fiasco- Tetsuo & Youth

Ab-SoulBlack Lip Pastor

Pusha T- King Push

Frank Ocean- TBA

Kanye West- TBA

Andre 3000- TBA

Jay Rock- TBA