Wale Reveals Album Artwork for 'The Album About Nothing'

Wale has promised three separate artworks for his upcoming album, The Album About Nothing. The first has arrived. This artwork was designed by Sue Tsai and features some elements that remind you of Seinfeld. It is fitting since Jerry Seinfeld played large part in this album. I think this could be one of Wale's best albums and I liked all three of them. You should definitely check out his Seinfeld-inspired mixtapes, The Mixtape About Nothing and More About Nothing. TAAN drops on 3/31. Enjoy.


Wale & Jerry Seinfeld Chop It Up with Complex

Wale and Jerry Seinfeld graced the cover of Complex magazine this past month so Complex has featured a series of conversations between the two entertainers. They are currently working together on Wale's next album, The Album About Nothing–a continuation of Wale's Seinfeld-inspired projects, The Mixtape About Nothing and More About Nothing. Check out their conversations above where they discuss hecklers, shoes, strip clubs, and much more. They also deliver an interesting sketch documenting the moment when Wale angrily called the Complex offices last year after being left off their 'Top 50 Albums of the Year' list. And if you ask me, The Gifted should have been on that list. Enjoy.


I’m very glad that Wale’s project, Album About Nothing, wasn’t scrapped and is actually still happening. The video above shows Jerry Seinfeld and Wale in the studio recording that outro track from The Gifted. Wale’s mixtapes (Mixtape About Nothing and More About Nothing) are some of my favorite material from him so I’m happy that the album extension of that is still going to come to fruition. The Gifted is in stores now. Enjoy.