New Kanye West Projection Locations

Kanye West announced projections in two more cities yesterday, Milan, Italy and Washington, D.C. The Milan projections happened yesterday, but if you’re in DC, there are many options today. Check them out below. Enjoy.

Washington D.C. (Saturday, June 8th)

9:30 PM-10:30 PM: Columbia St & Calvert St NW

9:30 PM-10:30 PM: W St NW & 14th St NW

10:30 PM-11:30 PM: Intersection of U Street & 10th Street

10:30 PM-11:30 PM: Carnegie Institute for Science- P St & 16th St NW, 1534 P Street Northwest

11:30 PM-12:30 AM: Franklin Square- 923 13th Street Northwest

11:30 PM-12:30 AM: 48 H Street NW

12:30 AM-1:30 AM (technically Sunday): V St SE & 14th SE

12:30 AM-1:30 AM (technically Sunday): Grace St NW & Wisconsin St NE