Kanye (Interview with Zane Lowe)

I keep forgetting that Kanye’s bottom, front row of teeth are gold haha. Zane Lowe has now had the opportunity to interview each member of The Throne individually, all in one year. Above is the four part series of Zane Lowe’s interview with Kanye West. It is absolutely an intense, enlightening affair. Kanye went in with a mission and a lot to say. It’s clear that he is frustrated about not being able to take off with this fashion thing and he is REALLY passionate about being able to help through his creativity. He just wants the outlet. He says a lot of things that make sense and he says some things that might rub you the wrong way. But that’s Kanye. In the final part, I think he brought it home. It was a dope interview that everyone should see. And yes, there is talk of Yeezus haha.

This is also the interview that sparked this Jimmy Kimmel parody which got Kanye so riled up that he launched a Twitter rant against Jimmy Kimmel. I think they have now been deleted. Now that I’ve seen the parody, it’s not that funny…and I think Kanye had a right to be a little upset because Jimmy Kimmel misconstrued the point of everything Kanye said. Check it out for yourself. Enjoy.