I have for you Drake’s 55 minute set at Power 106’s Cali Christmas concert. This was a really interesting set for Drake and I think he’s finally embracing what works for him at his concerts. Some notables: 1. Him performing his verse from the Weeknd’s “The Zone” over a “She Will” breakdown. 2. Him actually SINGING “Marvin’s Room”. I’ve always said the crowd would appreciate it more if he sang a lot more at his concerts. I mean, that’s what a lot of people love him for and he should embrace that and I’m glad he’s starting to. 3. The fan portion. 4. Drake going HARD on all the haters at the end. “just ‘cause I sing don’t mean I’m a bitch!” Things I didn’t like: 1. He brought out Justin Bieber…..no matter how good “Trust Issues” is, just no. 2. He’s still playing the song version of some of his hooks. JUST SING MAN!

Features: Justin Bieber, Tyga, Lil Wayne

But all in all, good show. He’s got stuff to work on, but he’s definitely getting it. “I’m the fuckin’ man, y’all don’t get it do you?” Enjoy.


P.S. Haha around 35:00, the chick whose mom he was talking to was getting visibly pissed and then immediately got excited hahahaha