"Cole Summer"- J. Cole

I would have gotten this too you all sooner but I had to study for a final haha. J. Cole had the internet buzzing last night when he posted an ambiguous tweet that had us expecting some sort of new material:

3 hours later, he tweeted and Instagrammed a picture that seemed to be the cover for a new song:


Minutes later, he revealed the link to the song above. The track is called “Cole Summer” and is produced by Cole himself. He loves to sample Lauryn Hill tracks, (“Can I Holla At Ya”- Truly Yours EP), as he samples her song “Nothing Even Matters” in this one. It won’t appear on Born Sinner, but it’s a great track and you can download it above. But that’s not all.

Within the hour, he tweeted this:

So it looks like we’ll receive another 5 song or so EP today. Cole sure knows how to promote. Born Sinner drops June 25th. Enjoy.