Born Sinner (News)

Well, here I was minding my own business this Monday morning when J. Cole blew up my phone with these tweets:

J. Cole is never one to shy away from competition. Well, he’s moved his Born Sinner release date up one week to the same date Kanye is expected to drop Yeezus, June 18th. J. Cole is a huge fan/admirer of Kanye so this shouldn’t be taken as a shot, but as a compliment.

Cole then tweeted out these two pictures:

The first picture looks to be the album cover and it looks DOPE. It looks like an archway in the sky that’s leading to the moon? I’m not sure, but I’m down haha. The second picture seems to coincide with the album title more obviously; it may be a deluxe edition cover or maybe even the cover for a new single coming out. Either way, I’m excited for the possible opportunity to get my two favorite artist’s new albums on the same day. June 18th. Enjoy.