Billboard Music Awards (Performances)

Well, the 2013 Billboard Music Awards have wrapped up and below I have included the performances I thought worthy of posting. Enjoy!

"Treasure"- Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars and his band, as usual, put on a spectacular performance. They opened the show with a set that could have just as easily been the finale. It was stylish, entertaining, and everything you’d want in a performance.

"Thrift Shop"- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis had the crowd on their feet for their mega-hit, “Thrift Shop.” They continue to impress with their upbeat performances.

"Fine China"- Chris Brown

Chris Brown was bittersweet with his performance. While my girlfriend and I were commenting on how he has the best dance skills of any performer since Michael Jackson, he was sub-par with the singing. His voice cracked on many notes and he seemed to strain constantly. He wowed us with his dance moves, but I feel like he needs to be a singer first.

"Adorn"- Miguel

*shaking my head*¬†Miguel, Miguel, Miguel. Before I begin, let me say that this was a great performance. His vocals were on point, his moves were crisp, and he had the crowd into it. But, then he got a little too into it. Miguel went to hop across to another stage and connected his inner thigh with a fan’s face…I couldn’t make that up; watch the video lol. I’ve heard Miguel talked with the girl afterwards and she was ok, but if you look closely he took out two people with what is being called the ‘Miguel Leg Drop.’ So, there’s one salty fan who didn’t get an apology haha. Tsk tsk.

"High School"- Nicki Minaj (feat. Lil Wayne)

That ass is not real. That is all.

Prince Medley

Idk, Maybe it’s the generational thing, but I don’t really connect that well with Prince’s music. It was a great performance, though!