Based On A T.R.U. Story (Tracklist & Deluxe Edition Artwork?)

2 Chainz is still on the promotion for his upcoming album, Based On A T.R.U. Story. It drops August 14th and 2 Chainz has released the tracklist. He also released what looks like the artwork to the deluxe edition of the album. I’m assuming this since he already released an album cover some weeks back. The album doesn’t boast too many features, but with the appearances of Drake and Kanye West, he’ll be ok. Enjoy.

1. Yuck!
2. Crack
3. Dope Peddler
4. No Lie (Feat. Drake)
5. Birthday Song (Feat. Kanye West)
6. I’m Different
7. Extremely Blessed
8. I Luv Dem Strippers (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
9. Stop Me Now
10. Money Machine
11. In Town
12. Ghetto Dreams
13. Wut We Doin?

Deluxe Edition:
14. Countdown
15. Like Me
16. I Feel Good
17. Riot