Artist Series: Mac Miller

As XXL has released its 2011 Freshman Class, I will be reviewing each artist in the Artist Series. First up is Mac Miller. He is a rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Now don’t compare him to Eminem and don’t compare him to Asher Roth. That is the first thing people do when a white rapper appears on the scene lol. One thing is for certain Mac Miller has got beats. The production on his mixtape, “The High Life” was phenomenal. He has released six mixtapes so far and signed with the label Rostrum Records in August where he released his major mixtape debut, “K.I.D.S.” He has an interesting presence, his flow is unique, and he knows how to give the people what they want. From a song that’ll get the club jumping to a song full of metaphorical wordplay, he can deliver. My vote is that you should look for him to make a name very soon. Enjoy.