Artist Series: Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar. So far he is my favorite out of the 2011 XXL Freshman Class. He brings to the table everything that I believe should be found in music. Lamar is from Compton, California. He has two mixtapes: “The Kendrick Lamar EP” and “Overly Dedicated”. He is expected to release his debut album, “Good Kid In A Mad City” sometime this year. He really impressed me with his mixtapes. What really stood out to me were his soulful beats and his earnestly written rhymes. I am all about keeping it real when laying down a track and he does just that. I listen to his music and find myself bobbing my head unknowingly and sitting in awe of the connections he makes and the words he uses in his rhymes. He is going to sail straight to the top. To tell you the truth, he reminds me of J. Cole when Cole first started releasing mixtapes. They are very similar and they make me think carefully when I listen to them. On that note, they are also planning on releasing a mixtape together sometime this year. Stay tuned and enjoy.