A very interesting video surfaces as many respected hip-hop journalists get together to discuss their choice for Hip-Hop 6th Man and MVP. Their nominees for 6th Man were Future, A$AP Rocky, and 2 Chainz, with 2 Chainz getting the win. Their nominees for MVP were Rick Ross and Kendrick Lamar, with Rozay getting the nudge. I understand and respect the opinions of these journalists, but I must disagree. 

6th Man: A$AP Rocky. I think out of these nominees, A$AP should get the award. I think he definitely has the most potential to blow up in this next year. Regarding 2 Chainz, I did not think he did much with Based On A T.R.U. Story, and I don’t think next year will be much better. I like him, but he’s not about much.

MVP: Kendrick Lamar. Out of these two nominees, obviously, I think Kendrick should get the nod. I like both of these artists for different reasons. I understand that Ross had his hand all over the game this year, but when i think about what Kendrick did with his debut album, how he got people talking, how he created a classic on his first go, in my opinion, I can’t help but give it to him.

Everyone has their opinions. Enjoy.