Raury (Ebro In The Morning Interview)

I'm a little late to the Raury party, but this dude is alright. Raury is a musician from Atlanta who's been getting a lot of buzz lately. His song, "God's Whisper," really got him noticed and it's only gotten bigger from there. He's 18 years old and he's signed a record with Columbia, met with Kanye West, Cee-Lo Green, Pro Era, and more. He sat down for an interview on Ebro In The Morning and talked a lot about his influences and blossoming career; he also delivered a performance of his song "Cigarettes" and a cover of Kanye's "Blood On The Leaves." I don't know if it's just the ATL accent, but I see a lot of Andre 3000 in him. It's in the way he talks and even in the way he rapped during his cover. This dude will be all over the place soon and I'll definitely keep an eye on him. Enjoy.