Mac Miller Releases First Single/Music Video From GO:OD AM & Announces Tour

You know, I had pretty much written Mac Miller off as an artist who was going to go the safe route as a rapper and not push any creative boundaries. But then he released Watching Movies With The Sound Off...and then he released Faces...and now he's releasing GO:OD AM. Mac Miller is a damn good artist and he's also become a damn good producer. He changed my views on his work after he released his second album and I'm excited for his new album. GO:OD AM will be released on September 18th and Mac has revealed the audio and music video for the first single, "100 Grandkids." It's a very entertaining and unique music video and Mac is rapping more confidently than I've ever heard him. This new album is going to be worth multiple listens.

                                                         GO:OD AM Album Cover

Mac is also going on tour after he drops his new album; you can check the dates below and get tickets here.