Think You Can Differentiate Between Lossless Audio & Normal Audio?

One of the advantages TIDAL's new streaming service holds over the other services like Spotify and Soundcloud is its lossless audio. TIDAL's premium service streams lossless audio at 1000kbps and larger. Comparatively, TIDAL's regular service and Spotify's premium service stream at 320kbps. Other services stream at 128kbps. So you're probably asking yourself, "Is this lossless audio worth it? Is it worth $19.99/month? Could I even tell the difference?" Well, now you can find out. NPR put together a test where you can listen to multiple songs at the three different speeds and test if you can tell the difference. I got 4 out of 6 on my MacBook Pro speakers, but maybe I got lucky lol. Check out the test here and who knows, maybe you'll buy a TIDAL membership. Enjoy.