J. Cole Announces 3rd Annual 'Dollar & A Dream' Tour

It seems like just yesterday when I was in line for J. Cole's first "Dollar & A Dream" Tour....and promptly told to leave the line when the House of Blues was at capacity lol. I was so close. Well, J. Cole has announced that this year's tour will be focused on Friday Night Lights as he will be performing the project in its entirety like he did for The Warm Up at last year's shows. He will be hitting Dallas, New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles and entry will still be a dollar. I'm a little salty he won't be hitting Chicago this year as FNL as easily my favorite J. Cole project, but he was here for the past two years so I can't complain. Stay glued to his Twitter for the venues and check out the video below recapping last year's tour. Enjoy.