Jonah Hill Interviews Action Bronson for Interview Magazine

In a piece for Interview Magazine, Jonah Hill sat down for an interview with Action Bronson. One would think, "What would they even have to talk about?" I know I did. But the interview was actually very entertaining and informative. Check out some excerpts below and the full interview here. Enjoy.

JONAH HILL: Bronsonmania, what’s going on?

BRONSON: Flawless from the neck up. Underneath that, I’m a little chunky.

HILL: So, three or four years ago, my buddy Dave Appleton, who is up on all hip-hop stuff before anyone knows about it, hips me to Bronson. This was before Fuck, That’s Delicious. He showed me some kind of YouTube show of you cooking with this very hip-hop dialect and extreme knowledge of the culinary arts. [Bronson laughs] I was already in, and then he started playing your music, and I was ... It was all I listened to for, like, three months straight. There’s a lot one can say about you to someone who has no knowledge of you: born in Queens; Albanian; former chef. And that’s how I pitch you to people who are stupid and don’t know who you are. But then I go, “You got to see him to believe him.” My work as a fan has been to just share the gospel with as many people as I could.

BRONSON: That’s fucking incredible right there. That’s quite an introduction.

HILL: And I followed everything: the Blue Chips tapes, everything. And I think people want to label something as something else they’ve already heard, so they go, “Oh, he sounds like Ghostface.”


HILL: That’s so stupid because it’s like, “Clearly, he likes Ghostface-Wu-Tang is probably the greatest rap group of all time.” And it’s been beautiful to watch you embracing your own eccentricities and your own individuality on the new album. And the music is getting better because of it.