2013 AMA Performances

Man, I didn’t watch the American Music Awards this year because the Patriots were playing the Broncos and I was not disappointed. But, I did watch all of the performances and read all the comments from the stans and haters out there so I had to blog about them, the ones I cared about at least haha. 

What I Learned/Confirmed from the 2013 AMAs:

Ariana Grande can SING. Like for real, for real. She put on an amazing performance of her song “Tattooed Heart” from Yours Truly. Her vocals were spot on and a 20 year old with that voice is someone to watch out for.

Miley Cyrus doesn’t deserve all this hate. She can sing pretty well with a lot of conviction and passion. Yes, she’s used some weird ways to get noticed, but that’s definitely not knew for pop artists. She put on a great performance of “Wrecking Ball” that featured a sad cat miming the words on a screen in the background. LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE, IT’S A CAT. I thought that was absolutely hilarious. Let this young girl prosper.

Lil Mama is winning right now. After doing an amazing job of portraying Left Eye in the TLC movie, Lil Mama has been gaining quite a buzz. Now at the AMAs, she joined TLC on the stage, (with their permission lol), to perform their hit, “Waterfalls.” She even got to flex her rapping skills with a verse over a modified “Started From The Bottom” beat during a transition in the song. It wasn’t perfect, but I didn’t hate it. I’m glad she’s succeeding.

SZA is a great addition to TDE. Kendrick Lamar performed portions of “Swimming Pools (Drank)” and “Poetic Justice” at the show and had one of TDE’s newest signees, SZA, sing some background vocals and she sounded wonderful. She’s beautiful and her voice is exactly what TDE needed.

"Do What U Want" is a JAM. Lady Gaga performed her R. Kelly-assisted single, “Do What U Want.” I have probably watched them perform this track together at least 5 different times at various times. It’s exciting to watch every time. They sound great together and have a really good chemistry on stage. The Kennedy reference and skit was a bit odd, but the performance was great.