Kanye West (The Breakfast Club Interview)

The last time Kanye West joined The Breakfast Club for an interview, Charlemagne had crowned him "Donkey of the Day," an award people are not usually pleased to receive on the show and they had an interesting conversation about Kanye's struggles with breaking into the fashion industry. Kanye was charged up after that interview, which inevitably led to the infamous "YOU AIN'T GOT THE ANSWERS, SWAY!" interview he had with Sway later that day.

Well, now Kanye's back on The Breakfast Club and had a much less confrontational interview with DJ Envy, Charlemagne Tha God, and Angela Yee. He's coming off a great week where he debuted new music, clothes, and shoes all at New York Fashion Week, so he's naturally feeling pretty good. Kanye delivered a great interview full of many quotables, information, and more. The particular part that has people talking is when he threw some heavy shade at his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose. But, I'll let you check that out yourself. Enjoy.