Chance The Rapper Interviews Comedian Hannibal Buress

Chance The Rapper and Hannibal Buress have an interesting relationship and a lot in common. They are both Chicago natives and products of Chicago Public Schools. Hannibal directed the music video for Chance's Acid Rap song, "NaNa," and Chance appeared on Hannibal's The Eric Andre Show. Well, Interview Magazine decided to take advantage of their relationship and had them interview each other. It's a pretty entertaining and informative interview and you can read it here. Check out some excerpts from the interview below. Enjoy.

BURESS: So after Surf comes out, you going to hit the tour? 

CHANCE: Yeah, probably. Maybe do a little tour with somebody really, really famous. I don't know if you heard, but Donald [Glover, a.k.a. Childish Gambino] has been involved a little bit in this Spider-Man reworking, and we had some ideas going back and forth about Donald becoming a superhero. I thought, "If you were ever to be a Marvel or D.C. character, you might be really good as the supervillain The Penguin." I thought, "If they ever had a crossover with Donald's Spider-Man versus Hannibal's The Penguin, how would those events transpire? What would that look like?"

CHANCE: My bad, dude. Most of the time when I see you, I feel like we're at an event nowadays. It's not really low-key Hannibal-Chance hangouts anymore. Like last year at Beat Kitchen. That show was funnn! Do you remember your first show at Beat Kitchen? 

BURESS: I don't remember my first one, but I've been doing shows there since... they run a showcase, Chicago Underground Comedy, on Tuesdays. I was definitely doing that in, '06, I want to say? '07? Something like that. It's a fun spot. So when I'm in the Chi, and I want to do a couple of those last minute shows I announce on Twitter, Beat Kitchen is one of them. Tonic Room is another spot.