Drake- "6 God" x "Heat Of The Moment" x "How Bout Now"

After a new song from Drake leaked earlier in the week, Drake has responded by releasing three new tracks saying:

The first track, "6 God," features Drake returning to the aggressive rapping he did on "Worst Behavior." He's incorporated different flows and seems to be directing it at someone in particular. This song will be playing in clubs and parties for the next few months guaranteed. "Heat Of The Moment" is a complete R&B track and Drake killed it. It's a great song, musically and lyrically. Vocally, he sounds pretty good and sounds like he's way more comfortable with his voice as he attempts some notes I've never heard him go for. "How Bout Now" is the track that leaked earlier in the week so it's the exact same song. It makes me wonder if the hackers got more than just this song and if this will be a problem in the future. We'll see. All in all, i think Views From the 6 is going to be a great album. Honestly, Drake hasn't missed in a long time so hopefully he keeps this momentum. Download and stream the songs above and enjoy.