Chance The Rapper Announces New Project

Chance the Rapper just dropped a bombshell. He announced that he and his band, The Social Experiment, would be releasing multiple projects in the near future. The first project, Surf, is set to release before the end of the year and sees trumpeter Nico Segal (aka Donnie Trumpet) taking the reins. It's Nico's project with backup and influence from The Social Experiment. To hear Chance tell it–via his Billboard interview–each project will showcase members of the band. There's even a project called SOX set to be released. Chance said they've been working with artists like Francis & the Lights, Migos, J. Cole, Frank Ocean and more so these projects are bound to be amazing and certainly unique. He talks more about what they're working on now and even how they're planning on structuring their next tour so check out the full Billboard interview here. To all you Kids These Days fans, jump on the bandwagon quick because I think Chance and The Social Experiment will be the closest we get to them in a while. Enjoy.