Usher & Nas Release Powerful New Song, "Chains"

Usher and Nas are taking a stand against the cases of police injustice our country has been facing. They have released a new song and video with Bibi Bourelly called "Chains." The song speaks out against the killings of unarmed black people by the police. The interesting thing about this release is how you can watch the video. Partnered with TIDAL, if you watch using Google Chrome or Firefox, the browser accesses your camera and if you look away from the screen, the video stops. This is to force the viewer to look into the faces of the unarmed victims on the screen. It's a powerful message and I recommend everyone head to the link below to watch the video.

TIDAL: "Chains"

Also, you can watch it on other browsers, but I don't think the camera is accessed with that option.